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Wednesday, November 14, 2012
By Robert A. Wells
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Over the past few weeks, the pastor at my church has been doing a series of sermons entitled “Questions People Ask.” One of those questions, big enough for several books, is “Why do bad things happen to good people?”

I’m a lawyer and am less struck with that question than this one: Why do good people do bad things? I see it so often. There’s the family business in which one person feels under-appreciated and under compensated and helps themselves out; the worn-out mother who takes her eye off the road and injures herself and other motorists; the person who wants mama taken care of and is certain the sibling who is doing so is getting more (money, property, love) because they have usurped that caretaker role. I represent people onboth sides of these predicaments. They are often messy because life and relationships are messy.

Lawyers sometimes forget that the title we take is Attorney and Counselor at law. I have no formal psychological training; but, it is important to remember that latter title-Counselor. Like you, lawyers are not perfect and none can (or at least should) promise perfect representation and certainly not perfect outcomes. But, good lawyers will listen and offer advice and the best options we can. The circumstances that bring our clients to us are often life-altering. Our representation will require us and you to make the best of those circumstances and put you on course for the best life possible afterward.

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