Serious accidents can cause catastrophic injuries and trauma that can jeopardize your future earnings and quality of life. If you are injured due to the unlawful or negligent behavior of another party, filing a personal injury claim enables you to recover your losses.

Besides lost income, you may be facing a wide range of expenses such as the following:
  • Medical expenses
  • Surgical care
  • Medical equipment
  • Nursing care
  • Physical therapy

Filing an accident or injury claim
Filing and winning a personal injury claim is essential to cover these expenses and get your life back on track. In North Carolina, there is a statute of limitations giving injured individuals only three years to file a personal injury lawsuit; for wrongful death, the limitation is two years.

Personal injury laws also require claimants to prove that the party or parties they are suing were negligent, and that their failure to exercise ordinary care is, in fact, the reason you suffered injuries.

Your personal injuries could have resulted from a myriad of accidents including the following:
  • Unsafe workplaces
  • Negligent property owners
  • Medical errors
  • Drunk or distracted drivers
  • Defective products
  • Dog bites
  • Construction accidents
  • Exposure to chemicals or toxic spills
  • Explosions and fires

Your personal injury or accident claim evaluation
Presenting a strong, cogent personal injury claim requires organizing a considerable amount of evidence. Our personal injury lawyer will use this evidence to prove that negligence caused the accident.

This documentation can encompass the following:
  • Police reports
  • Witness testimony
  • Photos of conditions at the accident scene
  • Physical evidence such as bloody clothing or property damage
  • Hospital bills and medical reports detailing the extent of the injuries

The personal injury claims process also involves negotiating with the attorneys of insurance companies and, if necessary, taking responsible parties to court to get the settlement you need.